As a member of polish Wooden House Association, we are involved in active promotion of wood frame construction in Europe.

Stowarzyszenie Dom Drewniany

For and against

  • Unique ambience of wooden interiors, specific microclimate created by surrounding wood, hardly achieved by other technologies
  • Extra usable area of premises because of little thickness of walls.
  • High quality insulation system provides very energy-saving conditions. Savings on heating are even up to 40 %
  • Healthy atmosphere, especially comfortable for allergic. Electrostatic properties of wood make the dust not hanging in the air
  • Wood stabilize level of moisture, keeps our air-passages strong.
  • Warm colors of wood are very calming. They make your body and soul feel perfect.
  • Flexibility by architectonic designing. Construction is easy to extend it, possible extra rooms to build them in the future onto
  • Prefabrication of walls, ceilings and roof ensures more accuracy.
  • Absolutely lower price of wooden construction, in comparison with any relevant house constructed traditional way.
  • Little weight of construction requires little materials for the foundation This makes the investment more economic.
  • Wood is an ecological material
  • Short time of assembly. And obviously the total cost of labour is cheaper
  • Little „wet works”. Only by foundations
  • Assembly in Winter is also possible

To do a good quality wooden house you need a team of experienced professionals. This technology doesn’t allow any mistakes. If some of them would be made, your house may loss its resistance for either moisture or lower temperatures

As quick as you heat a wooden house, as quick will it go cold again, when you turn the heating off. For that reason, we highly recommend an automatic regulation.

The wooden house will not stay so long as a traditional house. After 100 or even 200 years you need to destroy it. But will your grandchildren want to live in a 200 years old house? They probably will burn it all and even the day after that begin to build a new, more modern construction. And they will save their time and money not having to deal with concrete rubbles.